Tips for Holiday Fundraising

Tips for Holiday Fundraising

In 2020 the CARES Act will allow for $300 charitable contributions without the need to itemize.

Do you have your holiday fundraising plan in place?

According to Charity Navigator 12% of all annual giving occurs in the last three days of December.  

It’s never too late. 

During this holiday season, if you are a nonprofit the first thing you need to do is:

  1. Maximize Your Online Donation Page

Not all donation pages are created equal. That’s one of the most important things we learned in developing our donations platform at Give Lively. Branding matters. Donors are more likely to donate on a branded donation page versus an unbranded PayPal page. Impact stories that accompany donation amounts help build trust with donors. Over 75% of donors give based on their understanding of an organization’s impact.

Nonprofits can also raise more with their donation page by giving donors options like the ability to contribute monthly and to cover payment transaction fees. Another idea we recommend to nonprofits is setting up a campaign page dedicated to their fundraising efforts. Finally, make sure your donation page is responsive and easy for donors to use on mobile, tablet, or desktop before the end of the year.

  1. Stay In Touch With Donors

Send your donors an email at least a week before the end of the year encouraging them to give, and to sing your praises to their own networks. Check in again in a few days so donors keep you at the top-of-mind as they think about their end-of-year budget. Don’t be afraid to send multiple reminders throughout the day.

  1. Get Active on Social Media

Try out new donation pitches and see which gets the most engagement (likes, retweets, etc.). Also, make sure you have an easy way for donors to give when they land on your profile. If you haven’t already, create a “Donate” button on your Facebook page that leads donors directly to your donation page.

  1. Consider Setting a Goal (and Making It Public)

Setting a goal will not only help your team measure success but it will also help you raise more. Come up with  a realistic goal that is not  stretch for you, then publicize it in communications with your donors. You can even include the goal on your donation page and feature a progress bar that tracks donations in real-time. Meters that track progress toward a goal are shown to increase donations.

  1. Find a Sponsor

Companies are eager to connect with causes they believe in. Connect with small businesses in your area or larger companies (if you have a connection) and ask if they’ll support your organization with a matching donation, promotional support, or both. You can pitch it to businesses and brands as a way to expand their audience (and yours) and garner positive press coverage.

  1. Throw a (Virtual) Party

Invite donors to a virtual celebration in January 2021, then encourage them to donate via text. For entertainment, project your page with a progress meter on a screen to encourage donors who make it to the event to give even more. Think of it as an informal kick-off for the new giving season.

  1. Say Thank You

At the end of the day, email your supporters again, thanking them for contributing and wish them a happy new year. Express gratitude and give donors a sense of how their donations will be used to support your mission. People like to be thanked. Send them a thank you note that doesn’t ask for another donation but  shows your gratitude. Thanking donors makes them more likely to give to your organization again and again.

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Happy Holidays!

Tips for Holiday Fundraising

In 2020 the CARES Act will allow for $300 charitable...


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